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Getting started

How do I initiate a talent request with MindBlitz for my business?

Contact our team via our online portal or your dedicated account manager directly. You can reach out to us via our Contact us page or by filling out the request form on any of the pages.

What information do I need to provide when making a talent request?

We'll guide you through the process, but initially, key details about the project, required skills, and the scope of work will be crucial.

Talent search and match

How does MindBlitz source talents for businesses?

Our professional screening considers experience, skills, education, industry knowledge, cultural fit, communication, problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and references to ensure a holistic evaluation for a candidate.
We employ a dual approach—tapping into our extensive database and conducting external searches to ensure a comprehensive talent pool.

How do you ensure a perfect match of talents?

Our rigorous screening process, which includes skill tests and evaluations, ensures an exact alignment with your business requirements.
To ensure accurate skills assessment, we request detailed information about the candidate and conduct thorough testing.

Can I review and evaluate talents before making a final decision?

Absolutely. We present detailed profiles, skill assessments, and relevant experience for your review and consideration.
We can also prepare the candidates for the interview.

What happens if the initially proposed talents do not meet our expectations?

Our rigorous screening process, which includes skill tests and evaluations, ensures an exact alignment with your business requirements.
However if the proposed candidates do not match your expectations and requirements we will go on searching.

Talent acquisition process

How quickly can MindBlitz provide talents for a specific project or task?

Our optimised processes allow us to close talent gaps in as little as five business days. For specific niche and skills, the process can take us up to 10 business days.

Is there a guarantee of the performance and reliability of the selected talents?

Our screening process is designed to minimise risks, and we stand behind the talents we recommend. Our ongoing assistance in integration and onboarding ensures seamless workflow.

Other questions

How does MindBlitz address concerns related to project-specific and niche expertise requirements?

Our unique blend of dedicated HR teams, efficient processes, and a diverse talent pool distinguishes us in delivering exceptional results.

What is the cost structure for MindBlitz's services?

Our pricing is tailored to the specific services utilised, with flexibility to accommodate various business needs.

Can MindBlitz cater to businesses with fluctuating workloads and project demands?

Absolutely. Our outstaffing solution allows businesses to scale their workforce dynamically based on fluctuating demands.

How can businesses initiate a partnership with MindBlitz?

Simply reach out to our team through our contact channels, and we'll guide you through the process of partnering for success.

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